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Since 2004, U-CONNECT has carried out pre-hiring assessments for over 12,500 positions across different industries with both local and international operations. We have done this successfully through our partnership with eSkill and SHL which provides organizations with a Web-based skill-testing platform.

U-Connect can more effectively place qualified and talented individuals into critical jobs using relevant assessments of the required knowledge and skills.

Specifically, using the U-Connect Skills application, tests will be configured from our Numerical and Verbal reasoning subject library to match the hiring needs of your company and reduce the risk of hiring failures.

Our customizable online tests also fit specific job requirements with the highest job relevance within any industry.

We also engage our client through the Online Pre-Assessment Testing or Computer Based Test which can be deployed using a Local Server or Online via a Cloud-Based Service.

U-Connect Computer-Based refers to delivering assessments with computers as an alternative to pen and paper. Such a test can be conducted online/remotely through the use of the Internet or a facility with Computers. Our CBT Testing is a time-efficient and effective means of hosting large-scale online Tests concurrently. It enables Organisations to evaluate candidates’ performance quickly irrespective of their geographical location. Some of its features are online invigilation, randomization of questions, and simultaneous management of participants.

With Digitalization seeping into different aspects of life and computing gadgets becoming an imperative necessity, can online assessments be far behind! The computer-based test has some potential benefits when compared with traditional assessment methods. Computer testing finds its use in various sectors such as education, government, and corporate sector. All the stakeholders involved in the web-based Test format, such as the assessors, participants, administrators, selectors, etc. benefit from this medium.

The need for conducting computer-based examinations has rightly increased, given the current situation with Covid 19. Our Computer-based exams  U-Connect’s Skills Test provides auto-grading and section-wise feedback. They provide easy-to-use and reliable assessment results using cutting-edge technological innovation. The corporate sector also emphasizes using computer-based tests to identify the best candidate for available job roles. The online CBT Test also comes in handy for shortlisting candidates with adequate skills and talent, selecting the right candidates for a face-to-face interview.

Web-based exams can be utilized for academic assessments or during a mass hiring process wherein assessment tests play an integral part in the screening /elimination process. Computer testing is also used by the management to assist employees in their career advancement. By understanding the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, the learning and development team can devise adequate workforce development training programs. A well-informed workforce keeps the business sustainable and competitive

Our Computer Based Test will ensure the following:

Some of  its advantages are:

  •       Increased delivery
  •       Administration and scoring efficiency
  •       Improved test security
  •       Consistency and reliability
  •       Faster response rate

Our Assessment Centre provides a foundation for a conducive, sound, strategic, data-based approach to candidates for maximum comfort and ambiance. The Assessment Center also provides the ability to establish content validity by creating customized assessments that will directly map onto job content requirements.

U-Connect’s assessment tool meets the main standards that pre-employment tests must respect, i.e.:

  • Measure performance parameters consistently and reliably
  • Measure the parameters that are claimed to be measured
  • Have only content that fits the skills required by the job
  • Avoid measuring skills that can be learned in briefs or on-the-job training session
  • The Center has a world of art and a conducive environment that will foster concentration and relaxation to candidates
  • The Computer Systems and Biometric tools are of high technology with minimal or no glitch

The SHL assessment provides a fair and objective assessment of your cognitive ability, motives, situational judgment, diagrammatic/verbal/logical reasoning, and interest.  Research has shown that these tests can provide reliable information concerning the future performance and abilities of students as they prepare to delve into their respective career paths.

The set-up of the cognitive ability (numerical, verbal, and other forms of critical reasoning ability) test is designed to also furnish the institution with the most effective, single predictor of students’ performance in academics and related fields.

Other areas captured by the test solution to effectively render a comprehensive detail of student’s capabilities and interests are outlined below;

  1. The verbal reasoning test: This test measures the ability to evaluate the logic of various kinds of arguments. The information presented is relevant to a business environment.  The test emphasizes understanding, using, and evaluating verbal information rather than language usage, spelling, or grammar.  People who perform well on this test tend to have the capacity to readily understand reports and documents.
  2. The numerical reasoning test: This test measures the ability to make correct decisions or inferences from numerical data. The data presented and the tasks set are relevant to a business environment.  The emphasis in these tasks is on understanding and evaluating data rather than on computation.  People who perform well on this test tend to have the capacity to understand numerical data and interpret mathematical information correctly.
  3. The Inductive reasoning test: This test measures the ability to work with incomplete information and create solutions to novel problems from first principles. People who perform well on this test will have a greater capacity to think conceptually as well as analytically.
  4. The Deductive reasoning test: This test is designed to measure the ability to draw logical conclusions based on information provided, identify strengths and weaknesses of arguments, and complete scenarios using incomplete information.

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