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U-Connect introduces to you our 2021 Learning Management System (LMS) called ULearn Hub that can Improve your business performance with a world-class learning experience for your team.

We would love the opportunity of working with you to deploy a Learning Management System (LMS), Convert your course content ( Digitalisation) and provide e-learning content for your staff to enhance their ability to deliver business results.

We will ensure that you receive the most relevant learning experience, meet your learning objectives whilst we work with you to identify your  Learning and Development Goals.

Our E-Learning platform allows for the sharing of slides, videos, Gamification, and other functionalities that can be displayed. Given that there might be bandwidth issues with sharing heavy files, we have integrated video links and other materials ahead of the sessions which also forms part of our Flipped Methodology.

The Platform allows for polling and breakout sessions where participants can go and work on group activities and then come back to the main session. This mirrors our in-class action-based delivery methodology where we mix up facilitation, videos, exercises, and case studies. Our LMS features are:

  • Deliver content easily, Train, Retrain & seamlessly track learning progress,
  • Manage and protect your corporate intellectual collateral.
  • Design and deploy high-impact developmental programs that prepare managers with high potential for leadership roles.
  • Develop business and commercial acumen to help employees better leverage their technical skills to deliver business results
  • Design and deploy High quality, engaging and interactive courses targeted at closing skill, knowledge, and attitudinal gaps across diverse business functions.

We also have over 200 highly recommended e-learning courses that cut across all your learning needs. We built a library of over 200 highly interactive and engaging courses that cut across the following areas: Leadership Development Programs, Sales, Human Resources, Contact Center, Ethics and Compliance, Skill Development, Fintech, Microsoft Bundle, Management Programs, Workplace health and safety, Personal Development, Quality Management, Digital Literacy, SHL Programs (International Certifications).

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